Bear Family Wafer Bars and Candies

Silky-smooth milk chocolate filling, layered with sweet caramel and a crispy wafer, is coated with Extra Dark 72% chocolate. Pobeda’s novel approach to the heirloom recipe serves to enhance its richness, while accentuating the complexity of flavors in a completely unique fashion.

Bear Family

is a legendary brand, particularly treasured by Pobeda Confectionery LLC.  

The candies’ comfortably familiar, time-tested flavor and top-quality ingredients make them an all-time popular favorite.   The rich taste of chocolate filling, containing only all-natural cocoa ingredients, compliments genuine extra dark 72% cocoa chocolate coating to perfection.

Chocolate wafer candies have long served as the hallmark of a cozy family gathering, where older and younger generations come together to share love and to celebrate cherished traditions.

For this very important reason, our classic Bear Family recipe, which combines painstakingly chosen ingredients to create this marvelous confection, is so special to our company.

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