Jelly Candies: Bumblebee Tummy / All at Once

This innovative jelly candy recipe is enhanced by zesty flavors of fresh berries and fruit, in combination with velvety-mellow cream. Its all-natural ingredients include apple pectin, fruit juice, condensed milk and rich butter.

Pobeda Confectionery LLC makes two lines of delicious jelly candies, which are surprisingly chock full of nutrients.

The first variety,

berries and cream based Bumblebee Tummy

, comes as an assortment of finger-licking flavors for kids, perfected by Pobeda’s confectionery craftsmen. This assortment boasts jelly candies that taste of fresh cream and cherries, strawberry vanilla gelato, and sweet raspberry caramel.

The other line, named All at Once, was developed specifically for the younger millennial crowd. Contemporary and fun varieties include coconut pina-colada, cherry-sherry-brandy, maracuja pineapple, lemon orange, lemon lime, and juicy tangerine.

Both lines are made from all-natural, healthy ingredients and are sure to please both the grown-up and the very young members of your family.

Jelly Candies: Bumblebee Tummy / All at Once — 1
Jelly Candies: Bumblebee Tummy / All at Once — 2
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