Extra Dark Chocolate 72% Cocoa

Feel reinvigorated and energized by our Extra Dark chocolate. It is the perfect snack for a dynamic person, enjoying fast-paced modern lifestyle. This recipe features an increased amount of nutrient dense cocoa butter, combined with just traces of sugar.

Extra Dark chocolate 72% cocoa is the prime example of our company’s dedicated craftsmanship, and a trademark delicacy, offered by Pobeda Confectionery LLC.

Carefully sourced cacao beans, grown in Cote d’Ivoire, are roasted using a proprietary technique developed by Pobeda’s engineers. Fragrant roasted beans become key ingredient in our mouthwatering dark chocolate.   Authentic all-natural ingredients – smooth cocoa butter, delicate cocoa powder, sugar and real lecithin – create the confection’s traditional, time-tested flavor.

Victory of the Taste ™ Extra Dark chocolate 72%

cocoa has remained our customers’ steady favorite for many years. Its superior flavor and genuinely healthy properties are widely recognized.

Top-quality extra dark chocolate promotes increased energy levels and helps build a robust immune system. It contains natural tonics such as caffeine, theobromine and theophylline.   Cocoa products, incorporated into its recipe, contain antioxidants and antibacterial components - polyphenols and bio-flavonoids. These nutrients protect the human body from viral infections, and strengthen nervous and cardio-vascular systems, which are both essential for a healthy circulation.

Last but not least, thanks to all these components, chocolate can alleviate sore throat symptoms by destroying harmful bacteria inside the mouth.

Please be sure to select only genuine high-quality chocolate!

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