Pobeda Presents a New Delicacy
Company News 28 апреля, 2018

Pobeda Presents a New Delicacy

On April 27th, Pobeda Confectionery LLC presented Bird of Happiness, its new chocolate souffle candy. The recipe is an original creation by the company's master-chocolatiers. The souffle is prepared with all-natural ingredients: egg whites, butter, and condensed milk. All products comply with the leading technology standards. The souffle filling is coated in genuine milk chocolate 40% cocoa . For this new line, Pobeda's experts developed three flavors: traditional, soft caramel, and cranberry marmalade.

The product is sold in 200g, 250g and 500g packages. "Both kids and grown-ups will satisfy their sweet tooth with our candy, - says Olga Mouravieva, Director of Production at Pobeda Confectionery LLC - "Parents especially will appreciate our nutritious, wholesome ingredients. The souffle is prepared with natural caraggeenan, which is much healthier than gelatin or corn starch. Bird of Happiness is the first of its kind filled souffle candy, introduced to the Russian domestic market. It is entirely unique. This new recipe was developed in keeping with our company's main principle - i.e. candy-making, based only on top-quality, all-natural ingredients. To me personally, as a mother of five, a healthy diet is very important, and so Bird of Happiness has already become one of my children's favorite treats."

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